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Artist Statement

My work has consistently dealt with the idea of containment. Whether that is an object, an idea or a feeling. For me jewelry is something beautiful to wear and look at, but can also represent a memory, thought or feeling of the wearer. I make one of a kind pieces in sterling and fine silver. I'm amazed at how metal can be manipulated and made into something different than what it started out as. I often include in my pieces a technique of crimping the metal to mimic folded fabric. Jewelry is the medium through which I make new discoveries and expand my work.  For example, I have recently become interested in working with enamels and adding accents of gold.


 I have always enjoyed making things with my hands.  I knew in high school that I wanted to study jewelry and metalsmithing in college. I studied at The University of the Arts from 1992-1994. I finished my Fine Arts degree at Millersville University in 1996. After graduating, I worked as a bench jeweler.  Fast forward 20 years. I now have five children and have decided to work on my jewelry full time. I have made custom and commission pieces for friends and family over the years. Now I'm looking forward to making a one of a kind piece for you!